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Although I am not a greenhorn on firearms handling, and I am confident to say I have built over the last few years some solid foundation and knowledge of firearms.  , However, what I had learned and experienced in the two advanced shooting classes I took with Bill just recently were just amazing and extremely rewarding. In class, I am so much intrigued by Bill with his focus, not letting go unless he is certain I learned the knowledge, and he is very professional without a single necessary but important detail omitted.

I've been taking various instructor classes over the last few years, among all counselors and instructors who taught me, Bill is obviously the topnotch instructor, he has everything from knowledge, experience, and legal strength, and you bet the proper tools that have made his classes truly worthy of attending.

At the range, Bill was very professional. His knowledge and experience turned out to be exactly what I needed, and he was like an engineer, who crafted something and never stop pursuing until he gets what he wanted. That's exactly what happened to me when I was instructed to perform certain tasks. I can say the skills learned by attending Bill's instruction does not end when the class is over. Bill showed me the necessary ongoing practice and exercises that will enhance and consolidate my knowledge, skills, and attitude in firearm handling and defensive shooting. Bill is committed to his students and sends useful information to them on an ongoing basis.

                                                                                                                                                     - Henry S. - Arcadia Ca  

I and some of my girlfriends took a shotgun class from Bill and we found him to be an excellent instructor.  He made sure we had the shotgun mounted properly so we did not get bruised and was very patient and encouraging throughout the day.  Most of us have taken courses elsewhere where the testosterone got quite high, instruction got louder and sharper leaving us frustrated.  Bill was none of those.  His depth of knowledge and ability to help us be successful were perfect.  I will be working with Bill to help other women and boy scouts learn to be comfortable with a shotgun sports shooting.
                                                                                                                                                    Jessy A. - Bloomington Ca 

My addict nephew has begun to develop violent tendencies and it appeared he would be getting out of prison very shortly.  After seeing the development of his vengeful attitude, I was very concerned about my ability to defend me and my family. I have never owned a firearm and felt it was time to learn more about them for self-defense.  Bill enrolled me in the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home and Basic Pistol shooting courses.   His instruction was spot on what I needed.  He helped me develop a home defense plan and to become very comfortable with a pistol.  As a result of Bill’s education and experience, the training was invaluable as he helped me sort out the liabilities and problems that need to be addressed when preparing to defend my home.   His company motto “I am not successful until you are” is real and solid.  After the course, Bill guided me in the selection of a proper pistol my needs.  I later found the perfect pistol and am looking forward to working with Bill again to become much more proficient with its use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Allen T. Sun City Ca

I and my friend Lynda had been reading the online news about the forecasted economic collapse and realized that while we are comfortable about where we are going to go when we die, we both were worried about what may happen to us before that event in the worst case scenario.  We decided to take some shotgun training and Bill was our instructor for the NRA Women On Target Program in Redlands.  After his kind and gentle instruction, I and my new friends began to hit targets.   Something we had never done before and we both decided after hearing more about Bill’s background to invest in additional NRA Training with Bill.  We found Bill’s instruction to be based on a considerable amount of experience and noted that Bill is very intelligent.  His instruction method is laid back, thorough and supportive.  We enjoyed taking the NRA Refuse to be a victim and Basic Pistol courses to be exactly what we needed.  The depth of the program was unexpected and appreciated. 

Bill is the perfect instructor for those who need beginning to advanced training.                                                                                                                                                                                              Wina G. West Covina Ca.

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